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illy art collection

Illy Art Collection for Coffee and Art Connoisseurs

Illy is a company that is completely dedicated to the art of coffee. So, since coffee is supposed to be an experience that stimulates all your senses, Illy came up with the idea of making artistic cups to drink the delicious beverage. That was 10 years ago. Today, Illy art collection has become a delight for connoisseurs of art. If you love coffee as well, the collection becomes doubly delightful for you! How did it all begin?

By the 1990s, Illy had met all quality standards and decided expand beyond processing and packaging coffee. So, as the next step, the company began experimenting with coffee cups. Artist Matteo Thun was roped in to design an exclusive Illy cup.

Since the company was deeply interested in pop art at that point of time, they hired renowned pop artists including Jim Rosenqvist to design interesting graphics for the brand. Rosenquist came up with a beautiful multicolour pattern which inspired the logo of the brand.

Francesco Illy was the first person to come up with the idea of making artistic coffee cups in order to enhance people’s coffee drinking experience. The first Illy art collection came into being in 1992. Two collections were made.

The first collection was given to baristas so that they could use them to serve coffees in their bars. Interestingly, the collection began to vanish because customers had begun taking the cups home! This incident gave the company the idea of selling the Illy art collection and hence, a new range of artistic cups were born.

The trans-avant-garde artist Tia designed the first commercially available Illy art collection and it was an instant hit. Profits from the sale of this collection were re-invested to uplift and encourage contemporary artists.

Over the last twenty years, over one hundred artists have been involved in creating unique Illy art collections. Some of the artists who have made significant contributions are Jeff Koons, Julian Schnabel, Robert Rauschenberg, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Marina Abramovic, among others.  

Special features of Illy art collection

The uniqueness of the entire range of Illy art collection is that all of them are designed on the prototype cup created by Matteo Thun. No two cups are ever alike, except in their shape and size.

In 2006, the company made a slight diversion from its traditional cup and included the 250 gm can as a medium of art. Each unique cup or can in the Illy art collection is a revelation in terms of the brilliant design, colours and perfection.

You can shop for Illy art collection available in cup sets along with saucers for cappuccino and espresso. The company has also brought out limited edition Illy art collection pieces.

Enrich your crockery collection by buying yourself a few sets of amazing coffee cups and saucers from Illy art collection.