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iperespresso capsules

A guide to buying coffee capsules

illy stands alone in understanding coffee in all its complexity, yet knows that espresso is a simple pleasure to be enjoyed by many, not just at the talented hand of an experienced barista.  The best expression of this long-held belief is Iperespresso, illy’s exclusive and innovative Iperespresso capsule system that brought authentic espresso preparation to the home.

One touch of a button sets in motion a 30-second process that yields pure pleasure in the cup from Iperespresso capsule -- a velvety, aromatic, rich and balanced espresso, topped by a silky and remarkably long-lasting crema, the creamy, lighter-brown top layer that floats on top, unbroken and tiger-striped.  A result expected of the most experienced baristas at the finest cafes, now accessible to all.

Iperespresso handles every detail, precisely calibrating temperature, pressure and extraction time.  The magic resides in a revolutionary two-phase extraction process, protected by five global patents, that literally “hyperinfuses” capsules containing the optimal dose of illy’s legendary nine-bean Arabica blend, and then creates an almost magical crema.  

New technology that produces genuine, authentic espresso, sumptuous cup after cup; power to Be Your Own Barista, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.