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illy coffee

All about Illy Coffee

An Italian coffee company founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, Illy coffee is a big international brand today. Coffees from this reputed brand are exported to more than 131 countries across the globe. It specialises in making espressos. Illy coffee is a family run business and employs around 800 employees in all parts of the world. In 2012, the company recorded revenues of €361 million. Illy Group consists of several companies located in Germany, North America, Spain, France and Benelux.

Products of Illy coffee

The special feature of Illy coffee is that the brand produces only one blend made from the best Arabica beans from different parts of the world. This blend is available in three varieties – decaffeinated, normal roast and dark roast.

The product range consists of whole beans, E.S.E pods, ground coffee and iperEspresso capsules. Another special product in this range is Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules. Each of these capsules can hold around 5gm of coffee and can be use in Nespresso capsule machines of different models.

Quality standards

Illy coffee has been steadfast in its adherence to the highest quality standards. Coffee experts from the company visit different parts of the world to personally select the best Arabica varieties and prepare the unique Illy blend. The processing of beans is done under highly controlled conditions.

In the 1980s, Illy coffee stopped buying green coffee from global commodity markets. The company buys directly from the producers and has exclusive deals for Arabica coffee from Brazil, Colombia, India, Africa and other countries in Central America. This practice brings two advantages – firstly, 100 percent assurance on quality and secondly, the cost benefits.

Ground Illy coffee is pressurised using insert gas instead of air. In fact, the technology of using inert gas in an automatic coffee machine was perfected and implemented for the first time by Francesco Illy. The technology he used was the predecessor of the modern espresso machines. In order to preserve the precise flavours of each type of coffee, Illy coffee company uses steel canisters are used for packaging.

For decaffeination, Illy coffee beans are steamed for half an hour and put through multiple stages of rinsing. They are washed either with ethyl acetate or methyline chloride for around ten hours before draining out the chemical solution. The rinsed beans are steamed for ten more hours to remove all traces of the residual solution.

Illy coffee has received the Responsible Supply Chain Process certification of sustainability. This award is given by DNV and Illy coffee is the world’s first company to be certified.

Buy coffee from Illy and be assured of being able to enjoy the best coffee.