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illy Australia

Illy Coffee in Australia proudly distributed by the Kaffeina Group

Illy is an Italian company that offers a wide range of coffee. Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, the company is now spread all over the world with over 800 employees. If you check out the range of Illy Australia coffee, you find whole beans, coffee pods, pre-ground coffee, iperEspresso capsules in three varieties – decaffeinated, normal and dark roast.

illy is now distributed in Australia by the Kaffeina Group Pty Ltd. The Kaffeina Group is a wholly owned Australian Company that imports the finest quality Italian coffees for home, office and cafes. Complimenting our distribution business we also have the latest generation brambati coffee roasting plant - providing the highest quality locally roasted coffee, for private label customers under our ublend service. Contact us to learn more about the future of coffee in Australia

Coffee options at Illy Australia

Ground Espresso

Illy uses a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee that has a full bodied, rich and smooth texture to make ground espresso. This coffee has a distinctive flavor and a smooth full bodied taste. Arabica beans are selected from different parts of the world to create this balanced ground espresso. The coffee has a sweetish taste and is not bitter. It is available in 250 gm and 125 gm packs in medium, normal dark and decaffeinated forms at the Illy Australia store.

E.S.E pods

Illy Australia offers easy-to-prepare E.S.E coffee pods. Each pod consists of premeasured amount of coffee that ensures consistency in its taste. The full bodied rich taste and freshness of the coffee is preserved by wrapping each pod individually in the most meticulous manner. So, if you don’t like to wait for more than 30 seconds for a delicious cup of coffee, E.S E pods from Illy Australia should be your choice.

iperEspresso capsules

Espresso capsules from Illy Australia contain a smooth blend of the best Arabica coffees from around the world. They are available in both espresso and cappuccino varieties. The capsules contain around 7gm of coffee, enough to make a cup of smooth, delicious and full bodied beverage. You can use the Espresso capsules in Gaggia Espresso machines or the Francis Francis X1, Y1, Y1.1, X7, X7.1 and X8.

MONOARABICA™ iperEspresso capsules for iperEspresso machines

Monoarabica capsules are a special range of single origin Arabica coffee you can buy from Illy Australia. Each capsule consists of coffee prepared from beans for one specific place. They are available in three varieties – Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia. Special care is taken to preserve the distinct taste of beans from each region. You can buy boxes of 21 and 6 capsules.

Whole bean coffee

If you love the fresh blast of taste in your mouth that only freshly ground coffee can bring, you must try whole bean coffee from Illy Australia store. When you buy beans, you have the choice of grinding as per your preferences so that you get a taste of your liking. Coffee beans from Illy Australia are vacuum-packed in order to preserve their oils and aromas so that you get the best coffee with every cup.

Nespresso® Compatible Capsule Packs

Illy Australia offers a special type of coffee meant for Nespresso capsule machines. Each capsule holds 5gm of coffee. All you need to do is fill the capsules with ground coffee, tamp it, seal it and insert it into the brewing machine. Your capsules are ready within 10 minutes and within a few more seconds, you have your own Nespresso capsule coffee.

Try out each of these varieties and pick your favourite from Illy Australia.