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illy for CAFES and Offices


A place to unwind or revive.  To get lost in thought, or just leaf through a magazine.  To relax by yourself  or engage with people whose company you love.

Each a precious moment, made better by illy.

The more than 50,000 bartenders around the world offer their customers the illy coffee share the wealth of knowledge and experience of the company. They are an integral part of a professional community founded on providing the best. We recognize the prestige of a brand that is a symbol of the value of "Made in Italy" and a guarantee of seriousness and reliability. Every bartender is the ambassador of global vision that illy has quality, made of rigor, beauty, openness, fairness.

Each bar provides the illy espresso, illy unique taste of the blend, flawlessly prepared and competent author who served in cups are small multiples of art. And it is the point where, in the area, the many initiatives the company culture and art are a further opportunity for dialogue with a loyal following, selective, attentive and faithful.

More than 50,000 fine baristas around the world proudly offer illy coffee, each integral to the legacy of knowledge and collective experience.  A professional community, dedicated to the best and always aiming higher.  Each an ambassador of a global vision of unrivaled quality, a spirit of openness and an appreciation for beauty.

Ultimately, that vision is realized as a flawlessy prepared coffee made by a skilled barista and presented in an illy collection cup, a small microsm of art — enjoyed in a café or at one of the of the many cultural events illy supports worldwide. 

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Their job is at once simple and complex: help the establishments that serve illy realize the best possible quality in every cup. Whether tailoring solutions for the distinct needs of a caféor discussing exciting new menu offerings, the illy field team’s focus precisely mirrors that of its customers. The stuff of great, lasting relationships.

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The program’s goal is to foster a world-wide culture of coffee quality, theory to practice, spanning agronomy, roasting, tasting and intensive, hands-on coffee preparation, up through staff training and other aspects of coffee business management. The ultimate goal is growth: the kind that benefits all key stakeholders, from illy’s high-quality Arabica growers, to café owners seeking to build and delight a loyal clientele.


They are illy’s signature, professional coffee offering: the illy blend in 3 kg pressurized tins, the professional barista’s on-ramp to carefully calibrated grinding, dosing and preparation. Think of the 3 kg tin as a mark of excellence, signaling to customers, this is the place for great coffee.

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