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Machine Support

How can I get service for my espresso machine?

Call Kaffeina Group Pty on 1300 306 310.

How do I decalcify my espresso machine? How often?

We recommend using Cleancaf powder once a month and Cafiza powder to clean the head of the machine and handle (coffee residue tends to build up under the metal screen in the handle). You may need to decalcify more or less often depending on how frequently you use your machine and the mineral composition of the water you are using. Visit this link to buy online. Visit this link to buy machine cleaners online.

My steam wand is no longer working. Who can assist me in getting it fixed?

The steam wand is very sensitive and any milk residue left after steaming milk can cause a problem if the wand isn't cleaned immediately after each use. To clean a clogged wand, first try running machine cleaner through the machine and steam arm. If that doesn't do the trick, you can try soaking the wand in boiling water with a little cleaning solution dissolved in it. You can also try using a pin to dislodge any solid milk plugs. After soaking the wand, run hot water through it if your machine has a hot water mode, otherwise run steam through it, being careful not to burn yourself.

Can my current espresso machine use illy E.S.E. pods?

Any espresso machines that is E.S.E. compatible can use illy E.S.E. servings (pods). Many machines have E.S.E. pod handles that can be purchased from the machine manufacturer if the machine did not come with an E.S.E. handle.

Where are illy's machines made?

Some of our home espresso machines, are made in Italy (example: the Francis Francis X1) and others are made in China (examples: Y1 and X7). In both cases, it's our intention to deliver the highest quality machines to our customers. Each machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our exacting quality standards to produce the highest quality espresso.