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MITACA - illy for the OFFICE

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The coffee break: rethought!.  An important moment to share ideas, to regroup, perhaps reconnect with a colleague, customer or client —made better by illy. A “tangible intangible” that contributes to a great work environment, saying all the right things to employees and clients. Everything improves when the coffee is excellent. .

Mitaca, an illycaffe-owned company, creates espresso capsule systems designed expressly for offices, complemented by a range of accessories that bring the best of illy to the workplace. Designer cups, spoons, even elegantly packaged sugar—no detail is too small – backed by a guarantee of impeccable quality only found with illy.

With phenomenal coffeeeverything is simply better.  And with illy at work, so much more seems possible. 

The Kaffeina Group also offers a “LARGE OFFICE - full service coffee solutions”  which is a comprehensive service where you contract with us to do everything and take away the mess and hassle associated with coffee.  

 for LARGE OFFICE - full service coffee solutions.

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